What housing issues do you have?
For Hamilton County, Ohio

Find legal guides for eviction, rent escrow, landlord-tenant basics, and other housing issues.

These guides are for Hamilton County, Ohio. If you need help for another jurisdiction, please consult your local courts and legal aid groups for local rules.

Eviction Process

Learn about how eviction works for tenants and landlords. This includes how to resolve problems without filing a lawsuit.

Rent Escrow

Learn how tenants can put rent into escrow when they feel the landlord failed to meet obligations.

Landlord-Tenant Basics

Understand the essential rules around landlords and tenants' rights, obligations, and problems.

Other Housing Problems

Do you have another problem, not listed above? Like around homeownership, mortgages, financial assistance, foreclosures, or otherwise? Find other resources at the Other Issues page.

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